Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Where's the Puppy?

Where did that little puppy go?

You know, the cute little puppy that had a hard time managing the kong toy...who fit nicely in a travel kennel and was swallowed up by the small, blue "Puppy in Training" coat...

Someone must have come during the dead of night and swapped him for this huge, yellow beast! Just over five months old and at 55lbs! Wants to have his nylabone keys thrown 600 times a sitting! Goes for two long walks a day and is a huge lump in the footwell of the car.

The dog left in place of that little puppy also insists on tipping over his food dish to eat the chow off the floor. It seems to taste even better when eaten off the rug! And just try to get some ice out of the machine without tithing a cube to the beast!

He's coming along nicely thanks to our leaders, the other raisers, Diane Anderson and soon Jennifer!

1 comment:

  1. If you find the person who took him can you ask them to return all my cute little puppies as well!?! They grow up so fast!!!!