Sunday, March 21, 2010

Let the Games Begin!

Sir Trapper had a good week. His main occupation at this point is growing...both his stature and a brand new set of teeth! At this point with front tooth loss a bit ahead of replacement, he could be mistaken for a hockey player...or a Miss Kentucky contestant (typist note: he MADE me type that...)

He's finding that shortcuts used previously around the house continue to shrink. He's not quite sure what to think of that.

As his raisers are going on a little trip next week, Trapper was introduced to his puppy sitter, Drake. They had a good meeting and seemed to hit if off nicely. No doubt Trapper will be surprised when he learns that Drake has a long history with Labs. If Trapper decides to truncate the "honeymoon" period, his nonsense will be met with the required discipline. Perfect!

So, why "Sir Trapper" above? That's because he found out about the Rennaissance Festival at MOSI and insisted on going. No doubt he heard that there was unlimited mulch on the menu. The weather was perfect and the site was crowded. His only complaint was that he didn't have his special "busy" place so he waited until he got home. But he greeted the masses and was easily as popular as the Royal Court.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Trapper Buys a Boat

Well not really, but Trapper did go to the St. Pete Boat Show and looked at a LOT of really big boats, and a lot of people. Plus that funky grass they have there was an endless source of interest. Every time I opened his mouth I found little black beads, which better not have been fertilizer on fake grass!! He did manage to "busy" in that grass, although I won't tell you where. All was cleaned up promptly. It was a little challenging walking through since so many people want to come up and pet/scratch/hug/touch him. He has beautiful hazel eyes which are quite a lure.

Today we went to our Area meeting and Trapper met Duke again, and Pal. Pal is another litter mate who is black and again, smaller than Trapper. He was OK today, not as good as he is alone. And I suppose that is the point of the meetings, getting him used to other dogs, distractions, don't put your nose in the ants, drop it, leave it, etc. He is going to be big though. That's all we keep hearing from folks. Mikey was our houseguest before we got Trapper, and Mikey is BIG. He is a good solid 80 pounds and I'm guessing Trapper may be bigger than that. We'll see! We might need to buy that boat after all, for additional living space:)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Making His Way

Well, Trapper is coming along nicely. The only scary thing is that we can just about hear him growing. He has a vet visit coming up and it will be interesting to see how much he weighs.

He's got the routine down pretty well and is fairly eager to please until he decides we need some excitement. He's managed to have the artificial trees banished from the entryway and now has his eye on some African violets.

He is also learning that the tables (coffee and end) that he could run under when he first got here somehow became shorter. He was running with his new nylabone toy which he had to hold up a bit to keep from tripping. He was taking the shortcut into the living room under an end table and gave his head a good crack since he was galloping along. He spit out the toy and regarded it warily as being the source of his smarting head. They made up later and all is well.

Today he was visited by some new people and a five year-old Sheltie. He tried to interest Teddy in a romp but got a view of Teddy's dental inventory instead. No romping with that pooch!

But now that the weather is better the trips out back to busy are also a good opportunity to birdwatch while contentedly chewing a rock or stick. Walks around the block are interesting as well.

Life is good. Time for a nap.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Other Side of the Black Hole

I can't figure out if the two are playing or not, but as I said it is an endless source of amusement for both the cat and the dog...The Black Hole. The cats have pretty much decided the bedroom is a safe zone while the puppy is awake. At night, Trapper is pooped, and they sneak out of the bedroom one by one for food, bathroom break, etc. This is the usual picture though, Trapper on one side trying to squeeze his quickly growing body through the hole, and Gracie, the Wicked Kitty of the West on the other side beating him senseless:)