Saturday, March 13, 2010

Trapper Buys a Boat

Well not really, but Trapper did go to the St. Pete Boat Show and looked at a LOT of really big boats, and a lot of people. Plus that funky grass they have there was an endless source of interest. Every time I opened his mouth I found little black beads, which better not have been fertilizer on fake grass!! He did manage to "busy" in that grass, although I won't tell you where. All was cleaned up promptly. It was a little challenging walking through since so many people want to come up and pet/scratch/hug/touch him. He has beautiful hazel eyes which are quite a lure.

Today we went to our Area meeting and Trapper met Duke again, and Pal. Pal is another litter mate who is black and again, smaller than Trapper. He was OK today, not as good as he is alone. And I suppose that is the point of the meetings, getting him used to other dogs, distractions, don't put your nose in the ants, drop it, leave it, etc. He is going to be big though. That's all we keep hearing from folks. Mikey was our houseguest before we got Trapper, and Mikey is BIG. He is a good solid 80 pounds and I'm guessing Trapper may be bigger than that. We'll see! We might need to buy that boat after all, for additional living space:)


  1. I got to meet Duke at walkathon a few weeks ago, he is a big boy! All of my pups have been at least 80 lbs if not bigger. My first was the biggest at 95 lbs, it was amazing to watch him play with his brother who was just as big in the house without touching any furniture. Most pups are worst at meetings, it is just something that everyone has to work on. Keep up the good work Trapper!

  2. I am not sure who was more tired after class - me or Duke. I thnk my arm is 2" longer. He saves up all that barking just for's nuts.

  3. I guess I look at the all of the bigger dogs and just can't imagine that our dogs, Duke and Trapper, will ever be that big. 95 pounds is a whopper of a dog! Actually there was a nice article in the St. Pete Times today about rambunctious labs doing search work. They like the ones that chew through your house, high energy, etc. I could see any of the pups in our group meeting those expectations!

  4. Nice to meet you Trapper!
    I raise guide dogs for SEGDI also, I love meeting new SEGDI blogs!

    Toby's Raiser