Sunday, March 7, 2010

Making His Way

Well, Trapper is coming along nicely. The only scary thing is that we can just about hear him growing. He has a vet visit coming up and it will be interesting to see how much he weighs.

He's got the routine down pretty well and is fairly eager to please until he decides we need some excitement. He's managed to have the artificial trees banished from the entryway and now has his eye on some African violets.

He is also learning that the tables (coffee and end) that he could run under when he first got here somehow became shorter. He was running with his new nylabone toy which he had to hold up a bit to keep from tripping. He was taking the shortcut into the living room under an end table and gave his head a good crack since he was galloping along. He spit out the toy and regarded it warily as being the source of his smarting head. They made up later and all is well.

Today he was visited by some new people and a five year-old Sheltie. He tried to interest Teddy in a romp but got a view of Teddy's dental inventory instead. No romping with that pooch!

But now that the weather is better the trips out back to busy are also a good opportunity to birdwatch while contentedly chewing a rock or stick. Walks around the block are interesting as well.

Life is good. Time for a nap.

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  1. Hey, I posted, but it didn't take my post! Poor Trapper! I've been calling Bingo rockhead for a while now. It must run inthe SEGD breeding program. ;-)