Sunday, March 21, 2010

Let the Games Begin!

Sir Trapper had a good week. His main occupation at this point is growing...both his stature and a brand new set of teeth! At this point with front tooth loss a bit ahead of replacement, he could be mistaken for a hockey player...or a Miss Kentucky contestant (typist note: he MADE me type that...)

He's finding that shortcuts used previously around the house continue to shrink. He's not quite sure what to think of that.

As his raisers are going on a little trip next week, Trapper was introduced to his puppy sitter, Drake. They had a good meeting and seemed to hit if off nicely. No doubt Trapper will be surprised when he learns that Drake has a long history with Labs. If Trapper decides to truncate the "honeymoon" period, his nonsense will be met with the required discipline. Perfect!

So, why "Sir Trapper" above? That's because he found out about the Rennaissance Festival at MOSI and insisted on going. No doubt he heard that there was unlimited mulch on the menu. The weather was perfect and the site was crowded. His only complaint was that he didn't have his special "busy" place so he waited until he got home. But he greeted the masses and was easily as popular as the Royal Court.


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