Sunday, February 14, 2010

Our New Pup!

After completing a day of puppy sitting with Wallie, we received a phone call from Chuck stating a new guide dog pup was ready to come home with us. Wow! Really? Wow! Oh dear! A week later, February 10th, 2010, we picked up Trapper, a yellow lab from a litter of nine, 26 pounds of fun. And so the adventure begins!

Our car trip home was filled with a little whining, trying to get up on the seat, etc. but overall, a smooth ride home. Trapper had a tour of the house, a meet and greet with Angel and Gracie, the resident kitties, and then it was naptime. Gee, this puppy raising job is easy:)

On Thursday, Wallie came over for one last day of puppy sitting, and a romp in the house with Trapper. Wallie is about 3 weeks older than Trapper, but they are about the same size. They played and played and played some more, and then they were ready for break! Lots of sleep, some water, lunch, and it was round two. Wallie left and Trapper was pooped.

All and all he was very comfortable in the house, and even learned to sit within a couple of hours! How easy is this job going to be???

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  1. Trapper sounds so sweet and he looks adorable! I am raising my 5th puppy, Rocky, for SEGDI.