Saturday, February 27, 2010

Trappersaurus Redux

You might wonder why I chose "Trappersaurus" as a title for these posts.

Well, in working with Trapper to minimize barking/whining, we've pretty much convinced him that "no noise" is a good thing. So now he's decided that chomping at us is an acceptable form of communication. It's not so much a snap as it is a "clop"...complete with sound. Shades of Jurassic Park...

It's fairly expressive...and hard not to laugh at when he unleashes a half dozen or so!

Trapper's travels continue to entertain!

We're just back from a fun walk along a local marina. Sights and sounds included swimming ducks, gulls and a heron or two as well as kids fishing and light traffic of both cars and bikes. There was even a roller blader. Trapper met a 14 year-old female pooch who tolerated his lunge well. A Jack Russell about fell off the seawall trying to avoid him.

Then we stopped at the grocery on the way home. Of course he drew several crowds being irresistable and all. He did very nicely sitting at the deli waiting for our order.

Now he's chewing on an ice cube as an appetizer before dinner in an hour or so.

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