Saturday, February 27, 2010


Well, the puppy "honeymoon" might be coming to an end as Trapper goes into the "I'm not listening..." phase. For the most part he's pretty good but one or two times a day he seems to decide that dissension is the order of the day. We work it out and life goes on.

Just now, for instance, he was sitting in front of me, leaning on my leg being sweet. Then he sauntered away and tried to make off with a length of PVC pipe that houses some electrical cords behind the couch. His mom put a small milkbone inside his kong toy so that is keeping him adequately distracted for the moment.

All in all things are going well...he sleeps through the night with no noise once we figured that out.

He's quite engaging during our's office, Home Depot, Rollin' Oats (lots of good smells there!), library...and riding very nicely to and from all of it.

Now, if he could only make a lasting peace with the resident kitties....

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  1. Duke's new thing is to bonk me in the head while he jumps up from a sit instead of "down". I think he might be dyslexic!