Sunday, February 21, 2010

Trapper Meets Duke

We headed out to our first official event with Trapper yesterday. The Dunedin Mutt Strut was on the schedule. We arrived at the Highlander entrance, bathroom break, put our jacket on and proceeded to look for the SEGD booth. Lots and lots of people, I'm sure they were all giants to Trapper since all he could see were feet. We walked a couple of blocks each way, stopping in the middle for a huge gathering of people who wanted to pet the puppy, ask questions, more petting, licking until finally we were able to move on. As we approached the end of the block, we asked two nice officers if they knew were the SEGD booth was located. Well..."you are at the wrong event." Ooops, lots more walking, driving, and finally we arrived at the correct place!

Surprises awaited as we approached the booth. One of Trapper's littermates was there, Duke. He is a little darker than Trapper, ginger colored, but just as sweet. They doggie wrestled for a bit, greeted some of the folks at the event, and then we were on our way home. Trapper, and Duke, did very well with all of the activity and attention! We both said we felt we had the best dogs SEGD had ever put out for training:)

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